Recent Arizona surge continues America’s sports betting boom

  1. Celebrities are being called upon for ad campaigns
The Manning family is featured prominently in this Thanksgiving ad from Caesars Sportsbook
Bettors can “Back Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz” and other Barstool personalities with their bets.
The presence of Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders, has helped increase books handle when the Raiders play home games. (Photo via WikiCommons)
Check out stadiums with sportsbooks in the United State (infographic via Gabe Swartz)
One of the most popular reoccurring segments on SC with SVP is Bad Beats, which is run each Monday night.



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Gabe Swartz

Sports Journalism at Arizona State University | Cronkite 2022 | Staff Writer | President WCSN | Former Editor-in-Chief of BVNWnews